“Our path towards Shah-e-Mardan (Imam Ali)” held in Turkey

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

turkey comferenceThe “our path is towards Shahe Mardan (Imam Ali)” Conference which was organized by Mersin branch of Alevi Culture Associations, got the great attention of people of Mersin. Finding no room inside the hall, some people followed the program from outside. In the “our path is towards Shahe Mardan (Imam Ali)” Conference which was organized by Mersin branch of Alevi Culture Associations

"> and along with the President of Cem Foundation, Dr. Izzetin Dogan, a senior Turkish Shia scholar, Selahattin Ozgunduz, the President of Culture and Solidarity Foundation of Ahlul Beyt, Ali Yeral and the Head of HUBYAR Education Foundation, Hidir Temel, two thousand delegates had taken part. In this meeting which was managed by lawyer, Necdet Yildirim, senior Turkish Shia, Selahattin Ozgunduz mentioned that you can criticize other governments but it is not a diplomatic way of speaking to criticize a government for being Alevi or Shia. He reminded that Turkey is a tolerant country and continued to his speech in these words: “We as the Turkish nation, Arabs, Turks, and Kurds as the passengers of this ship shouldn’t let it to drawn. We shouldn’t let this ship to be penetrated. We are a nation. This is Islam which has made this country a country. This is the real understanding that gives meaning to this country. Whatever attention is being given to the other faiths in Turkey must be given to Alevis too. All the human beings are equal in the essence and the origin. But if facilities are provided only for one party, where is the justice? We won’t forgive those who violate our rights. The government either should allow everyone to use them or it should remove them. The government shouldn’t interfere our mosques, shouldn’t choose a name for them. Wherever people remember Hz. Ali is a place of worship. “Our unity is the most important factor for us, God protect our unity. We are trying our best but the United States of America has decided to separate us.” There is Sunnism problem in Turkey After his speech, the Head of HUBYAR Education Foundation, Hidir Temel gave a speech by saying that we don’t have Alevi problem in Turkey but there is Sunni problem and he continued: In all the religions when a group is separated from the whole it is dangerous. That’s why it is necessary to wipe it out. A religion is at the same time a system. Those who stand against injustice in the world of Islam symbolize the justice of Hz. Ali and the innocence of Imam Hussein and they choose them as their leaders and at the same time they walk on the most difficult and most compassionate way. There is no separation problem in Turkey. The problem is that Sunnism in Turkey. From the beginning till now, no Alevi has ever had made a wrong action towards the people from other faiths, no how come can you expect these people to be the problem? The main problem in Turkey is the Sunni mentality. Therefore, the only issue to be resolved is only the matter of Sunnism. " The meeting adress of Alevis is 'cemevi' The president of Cem Associations, Dr. Izzettin Dogan explained the life of Alevis in the ottoman era and during the Republic. He said that after the assimilation of secularism by Ataturk, Alevis were urbanized and he mentioned that the meeting address of Alevis is the Cemevis. Dr. Izzettin Dogan also talked about his efforts on the making of new Cemevi in his homeland as well as in the Christian countries in respect to the religious freedom restoration.

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