Time for Non-Alligned Movement to boycott UN

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Iranian government is sending a formal letter of complaint to the United Nations Security Council condemning the recent incursion of an Israeli military drone into Iran’s territory.

But shouldn’t Iran go a lot further in its response to what is a serious infraction of its sovereignty by a hostile state?
The Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle was reportedly shot down near the Iranian nuclear site of Natanz, deep inside Iran’s territory. Such a grave violation of Iranian territory at a strategically important location by an Israeli military aircraft could be construed as an act of war.
The incursion by the Israeli regime takes on even more disturbing significance given the numerous times in the past that its political leaders have threatened Iran with unilateral air strikes. What was the mission of the latest Israeli drone? The setting up of bombing coordinates for a future air strike?
Moreover, this is not the first time that the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv has violated Iranian air space with its drones. Both the Israeli regime and its main sponsor, the United States, have previously flown hostile aircraft over Iranian territory. Nearly three years ago, Iranian air defense forces successfully captured an American RQ Sentinel drone that had entered hundreds of kilometers inside Iranian territory from a US base in neighboring Afghanistan.
In this context of systematic violation of Iranian sovereignty by a hostile regime it may be asked what is the point of writing to the UNSC in complaint?
The UN Security Council is evidently useless in sanctioning the Israeli regime - thanks to the crippling influence of its sponsor in Washington. Indeed, given the abject impotence of the UNSC in the face of ongoing Israeli aggression and crimes – not just in regard to Iran, but in light of the genocide against Palestinian people and Israel’s repeated violation of other neighbouring states - we can conclude that the entire UN body has forfeited all legitimacy when it comes to dealing effectively with the Israeli regime.
Appealing to the United Nations over Israeli transgressions is futile, and by doing so only panders to the bankrupt legitimacy of the international organization on such matters.
What Iran should do is mobilize the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to mount a complete boycott of the United Nations. Such a boycott would be no idle threat. The NAM comprises some 120 member nations, or about two-thirds of the full UN assembly. Iran currently holds the chair of the NAM and is therefore in a unique position of leadership.
When the NAM was formed more than 50 years ago, its declared purpose was to counter imperialism, foreign aggression and the malign influence of superpowers against smaller independent nations.
The slaughter of more than 2,100 Palestinians over the past two months and the latest aggression towards Iran by the US-backed Israeli regime shows that the founding purpose of the NAM is more relevant and urgent than ever.
The Israeli hand of aggression can also be seen in the ongoing destabilization of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq as part of its long-term plan to sow chaos and conflict among Arab nations, with US blessing to be sure.
By contrast, the UN has shown itself to be a disgraceful sham, affording no protection whatsoever to members in need and only impunity to the most repugnant of aggressors. Of course, this is nothing new when it comes to the UN. After all, the world body was instrumental in unleashing the criminal Zionist colony on the people of Palestine in 1948 along with the collusion of the US and British imperialists.
There are other options open to Iran in taking a legitimate response to the latest Israeli aggression on its territory. Iran could send its own formidable aerial drones over all the territory illegally occupied by the Zionist regime. Iran could also step up military support for the Palestinian resistance to attacks from the Israeli aggressor.
But it would be a powerful practical censure of the Western-backed Israeli regime if Iran led the Non-Aligned Movement to withdraw from the workings of the Zionist-compromised United Nations.
The UN is fully and hopelessly complicit in Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity through its long-held disgraceful silence. It is high time to expose the charade by calling an immediate boycott of the UN. The NAM has the international power to drive home this crucial point.

Source: Press TV

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