Sexual Jihad Creates Controversy in Iraq

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Published in Iraq
Monday, 15 August 2016

The Sunni parliamentary alliance of Iraq Mutahedun Alliance led by Osama al-Nujaifi, the former speaker of the parliament and the former vice-president, on Friday issued a statement against the governor of Nineveh province, setting in motion new controversy in the country this time about the children born from members of ISIS terrorist group as a result of sexual jihad. This case is seen as a problem for Nineveh in general and Mosul its capital in particular after the terrorist group took control in 2014.

Al-Nujaifi-led Mutahedun Alliance on Friday in a bitter statement called a warning by Governor Nofal Hammadi about thousands of children who are an outcome of sexual jihad an insult to the women of Mosul.

The Sunni alliance in the statement severely and with offensive words addressed the governor of Nineveh and called him a "traitor and intrigant."

The statement of Mutahedun Alliance which is severely against participation of Public Mobilization Forces (PMF) in liberation of the ISIS-held city of Mosul stated that Nineveh governor didn't deserve to even be a street sweeper as he raised the issue of children of sexual jihad in the terrorists-held Mosul.

Nofal Hammadi who after dismissal of Atheel al-Nujaifi who was accused of treason and corruption was appointed as new governor of Nineveh by the Nineveh Provincial Council has recently said that one of the problems of Mosul after liberation would be the illegitimate children born from the sexual jihad in the city.

Mutahedun Alliance in its statement has described Mosul the "city of dignity, glory, grandeur, and a historical and civilized city", branding words of the city governor as offensive to the women of Mosul. This comes while many see this issue as not being an insult, rather, they argue that the governor sought to raise a serious issue and a challenge that Mosul would have to deal with in the future. The statement attacks Hammadi in a way as if it wants him to cover up the sexual jihad that ISIS has talked about it so much on social media. The crime is documented by the international organizations as the terrorist group has committed it on the enslaved Christian and Yazidi, Shabak, and Turkmen women. Many Sunni Arabs have fled Mosul to ensure that their women and daughters could avoid the ISIS-imposed law of sexual jihad in the city. They have been living along the Najaf to Karbala road or in outskirts of the two cities or even in different districts of the capital Baghdad. All these prove that sexual jihad is implemented in the ISIS-held areas.

Mutahedun Alliance's statement against Nineveh governor rapidly faced reaction on social media on Friday. The web users called al-Nujaifi a "liar" for his attempts to cover up the issue of sexual jihad in the ISIS-held areas of the country.

"How do we have 31,000 pregnant women in Mosul?" a web user who introduced himself as Mohammad al-Khasibi has asked al-Nujaifi. "Should we hide this truth and crime in which you have hand?”, al-Khasibi continued challenging the former Iraqi parliament's speaker.

Adil al-Kourdi another social media user wrote while using several exclamation marks "the world now knows that ISIS has forced many women to marry its Iraqi and non-Iraqi members including Chechen and Saudi fighters."

At the same time, Salim al-Jubouri, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, has reacted to, in a smooth way, the comments made by the governor of Nineveh. Al-Jubouri has said that he denounced any insult to the residents of Nineveh province. He also called on all sides to watch their remarks as Mosul recapture operation is drawing close to avoid bad effects on the upcoming Mosul battle.

Now in the wake of launching operation to retake Mosul from ISIS terrorists– which goes against the will of some Iraqi sides who don't want to see an end to Mosul capture– an array of issues are raised about future of Mosul and its social challenges, including the challenge of sexual jihad. At the same time, one of the warm issues is participation of PMF, a voluntary popular force, in the upcoming liberating campaign.

The leader of Mutahedun Alliance, the key figure against PMF’s taking part in Mosul recapture assault, is riled by raising the issue of children born from sexual jihad while he last week during a meeting of the members of the parliamentary bloc Iraqi Forces Alliance with the US ambassador in Baghdad and again during his meeting with Brett McGurk, the US president's special envoy to the anti-ISIS international military coalition, on Friday has demanded that the PMF forces are barred from taking part in Mosul liberation battle.

The Sunni alliance over the past two and half a year has persistently raised unproven charges against the popular forces, unceasingly seeking to keep them away from the battlefields. It repeated the same charges against the PMF during the operations to liberate Tikrit, Fallujah, and many other ISIS-held Iraqi cities.

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