Hajj Imad Moughnieh: Family Memories Will Last Forever

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Monday, 16 February 2015

"I didn't know I am the daughter of Hezbollah Military Chief. I miss his lovely silence, his presence and his charm. I loved starring at him. I often feel that I need to restore this scene and this moment. These are Men of Allah," Fatema Imad Moughnieh told Al-Manar Website.

In the first interview with a media outlet since the Zionist entity assassinated her father in Syria in 2008, Fatema narrated a lot of memories about the great leader Hajj Imad Moughnieh.

"I do resemble him very much. Jihad also did," she told the website when we visited her house in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

"You have led me to search among my memories," Fatima muttered as searching in her room for a souvenir from her father. She took a picture of her with her family when she was a child and said:

"Jihad is the blond boy," pointing at her younger brother martyr Jihad, who was killed in the latest Zionist aggression on the Lebanese Resistance when the enemy targeted a Hezbollah envoy in Syria's Quneitra and killed 7 fighters, including an Iranian General.

"When I was young, my mother used to talk about the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as) every time I asked her: Where is Dad?. In that way she sanctified my father's work in our ideology."

However, Hajj Imad's security became a part of his family's attitude. His wife used to tell Fatema and brothers that he shouldn't be late for work, and they shouldn't ask him about his destination or to listen to his phone calls.

"Later we got used to it," Fatema said, even though she didn't realize the nature of her father's job before being mature. Yet, she had realized early that he had been wanted by several intelligence apparatuses worldwide.

"We were all concerned not to unfold any of his photos. His photos and that of the family were always hidden. We were instructed not to shoot him absurdly and to make sure that nobody had shot him without his knowledge. Protecting him was a part of our task. We were always mindful that no one was chasing us. Our home address was always confidential. At some point, we used to live in two rooms inside a work office (of Hezbollah). But despite these difficulties, my mother was able to create a positive atmosphere. We were very happy during those days," she narrated.

"He attended my wedding and we had some pictures together, but I was concerned for his safety. I forgot I was the bride, and started to watch everyone among the attendees to make sure that no one is shooting him," Fatema went on to say.

Hajj Imad's daughter recalled moments of joy and her "walks" with her father, as well as the early songs of Hezbollah that they were used to sing together. "My father's voice was beautiful," she said.

Father-Daughter Relation

Fatema went on to say that her relation with Hajj Imad was exceptional. Their mutual talks were strategic and tactical, without being limited to the daily details of each other's life.

"If he was still with us, our conversation would take a deeper turn, it would address the ideological and emotional aspects in which I need him."

"Jihad also used to say that if our father was still alive, he would be happy about how mature and aware we have become," she recalled, explaining that her brothers and she "were less mature when Hajj Imad died, especially Jihad."

The Father, the Teacher

Fatema talked deeply about Hajj Imad's innovation, the feature that had been his lasting passion. She narrated a special incident of a caring father, when he helped her during exams time.

"I remember when I couldn't study for a Management exam that I had to submit for, during my first year of political science. At that time, my father took the book and worked all over the same night to summarize the subject. On the second day, he summoned me to his office and explained the subject for me. In that way I became ready to make the exam the next day."


"He hated too much the cigarette, and the hubble-bubble as well. He liked the traditional plate of 'Laban Emmo', the toasted bread with cheese and tea, the shrimps, Humus with tahini. He was passionate about the music, as well as the resistance of course. He loved the violin very much."

Fatema assured that the martyrdom didn't separate her from Hajj Imad, not even form her brother Jihad: "I feel them every day... They are alive and I am so sure of it."

After Hajj Imad's martyrdom, his daughter didn't lose the tranquility she used to fell in his life:

"I was feeling safety in his presence as much as I still feel it in his absence," Fatema confirmed, stressing that "our enemy is the one who will lack the tranquility."

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