Aleppo Operation in Syria; Results, Outcomes

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

The recent operation in Aleppo that after complete coordination between members of the Syrian Resistance and with help of Syrian defense forces took place in eastern and northern areas of this city, caused major changes in military and political fields.

In the military field, tightening the noose around the al-Nusra front, gave the Syrian Resistance military advantages. Before, by establishing its position in the south of Aleppo and starting liberation operations in the western region of the city, the Syrian army had surrounded a good chunk of the al-Nusra front members and other big or small groups affiliated with it. The Syrian defenders took control of the Castello road which was the main supply route of the armed opposition. The east Aleppo operation cut off the connection between the armed opposition and the ISIS terrorists in al-Raqqah and the US forces that were stationed in between al-Raqqah and al-Hasakah and in critical situations would support the armed opposition forces in Aleppo. This operation led to the surrender of large groups of militants or made them exit the besieged city through the corridor that was left open by the Syrian army. In fact, the current operations in Aleppo, have provided the clearance of this city, but this process will take some time and the Syrian army by using patience and waiting policies is attempting to dominate the central regions without conflict, also, the Syrian government does not want to harm villages and civilians of Aleppo. Immediately after the success of this operation, Bashar al-Assad issued a conditioned general amnesty for the armed opposition forces, and showed his initiative in the political field. Afterwards the Syrian president assured the besieged civilians that he does not intend to impose heavy costs on them to settle accounts with his opponents.

In the political field, another important development was the statement of Ayman al-Zawahiri the Egyptian leader of al-Qaeda, and the subsequent statement of al-Nusra Front leader, Abu Mohammad al-Julani. The al-Qaeda leader who does not want to the loser of the six-year conflict of Syria, and regarding the fact that al-Nusra Front and other smaller affiliated groups are fighting in the framework of the anti-Syrian program of US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, he is angry with al-Julani and other militants. Therefore immediately after the success of the operation in east of Aleppo Zawahiri declared that al-Nusra is not a branch of al-Qaeda anymore and al-Qaeda does not have any role in its policies and measures. On the other hand, right after al-Zawahiri’s statement, al-Julani also stated that his group is independent and henceforth will not have connections to al-Qaeda, he even changed the group’s name to Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-Ahli ash-Shām to further differentiate this group.

In another political development and immediately after the militants’ failure, the US and its allies interfered and in the name of defending the besieged citizens, asked the Syrian defenders to stop their military operation. The Westerners deliberately and purposefully spoke to Russia, who in comparison with other forces has a much smaller role in fighting against terrorists. Doing this the US intended firstly to undermine the major role of the resistance forces of Syria who have been fighting for 5 years and overstress role of a country that is part of the United Nations Security Council; secondly, to move the issue from a military field to a political one, pretending that Russia is the only party who is ready to negotiate.

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