The Secretary-General: What should be done?

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Monday, 27 June 2011

shiitenews_The_Secretary_General_What_should_be_doneI would like to put emphasis on what the Secretary General of Al-Wefaq Association, led by Sheikh Ali Salman, has said and say in turn: What should be done? What should we do regarding this great standoff? Salman is alone facing a tough ordeal, which is not less difficult than what the developments in Bahrain’s political scene have imposed since the fourteenth of late February.

On the one hand, we can engage in the open dialogue that would come out with nothing more than what the expectations of the co-worker Abbas Abu Safwan came out with in his recent article. On the other hand, we can take a rigid position - that might cause the removal of the international line-up supporting it - that rejects dialogue without creating an ideal climate and the mechanism that is capable of coming out with the result that the masses of the opposition as a whole would aspire.

Yet, it seems that engaging in the dialogue and at the same time staying outside it is the most likely option and tactic, but this tactic might be subject to censure and perhaps outright conflict with the estimates of the street and the extent of accepting the settlement, which is still fully controlled and managed by the President of the Chamber of Deputies Khalifa Al-Thahrany.

The other problematic, which is not less important, is the issue of representation. Sheikh Ali Salman, at this particular time, does not represent Al-Wefaq area alone, for he is the Secretary-general of the opposition as a whole, including the Haq movement, Al-Wefaq Islamic Association, and perhaps the largest segment of the Waad Assembly, this segment that was shocked by the events that took place in Waad.

As much as the equation related to the Secretary General of the opposition seems to be difficult to be solved and complex, as much as building on the “street”, on the options of the “street”, and on the reactions of the “street” seem to be the sufficient saving equation of the political associations regarding this plight. Al-Wefaq from the beginning was not the one that ignited the spark of the fourteenth of February, and thus it can bet on the street’s decision in the time it deems appropriate to stand up against any settlement that does not recognize the legitimacy of the just demands to have a constitutional monarchy. Only the street - with all its classes and colors - can ensure the strength of the negotiating position of Al-Wefaq in this regard, and only the street can impose on the dialogue table, what it wants, whenever it wants.

In reality, the regime has a powerful media machine that can promote dialogue in various international media, but this machine lacks credibility, and no one trust and/or believe in this media. When the street expresses clearly its rejection of any settlement imposed by force, no one can stand in front of the credibility of the street, and its justice demands, its peacefulness, and its respect among the media in the various capitals of the world as a whole, which has become overfilled with the politicians and the Bahraini media men fleeing from the grip of army and its influence.

The street, which is the only one that offered this package of upright martyrs and big sacrifices, is the guarantee for the political associations in this forged dialogue. The street is the only one that has the real decision on the ground, and the government recognizes completely that it is ineffective and worthless to control this street through the security solution, which is still causing more of the economic losses every day.

The Bahraini street does not have any further thing to lose in this crisis, and I guess it is prepared to make more sacrifices in order to gain its dignity and freedom. They want to gain a dignity and a freedom that are not reduced, abridged, or related to the solutions of “half-quantum” - as our Egyptian brethrens say - which the state is seeking to approve and through which it is trying to find a way out. The record of losses in the state is growing worse, and thus it should realize that its position is difficult, and its options are narrow.

The state must recognize that the national reconciliation, based on the people’s rehabilitation, and that a serious and responsible dialogue, through the participation of all the political captive figures, are both the real solution to this standoff. It should also recognize that procrastination means nothing more than sending more bills of political and economic losses, and it should be well aware of the fact that the countless debts keep the loving and caring people away.

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