Pakistani Social media blast on UAE threatening remarks on Pak Resolution on Yemen

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

KARACHI - Pakistani Social Media activists have strongly condemned the threatening remarks of the state minister of tinny Gulft Kingdom United Arab Emirates (UAE) against Pakistan's parliament joint session resolution on Yemen crisis.

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash on Saturday criticized the neutral role of Pakistan and Turkey in the Yemen crisis. Talking to the leading Gulf newspaper, he gave the threatening remarks over the Pakistan's parliament joint session resolution to keep the country neutral in the Saudi-Yemen conflict, and to play the role of mediator to resolve the issue between two countries.
Condemning the resolution , UAE Minister Anwar Mohammed Gargash , warned Pakistan of having to pay a “heavy price” for taking on what he called an “ambiguous stand”. He added that Pakistan should take a clear position “in favour of its strategic relations with the six-nation Arab Gulf cooperation Council”.
Though the coward Nawaz Government has not taken any stance on the insulting remarks of UAE minister but the people of Pakistan blasted on the tinny Gulf state official’s remarks on various news websites & social media networks.
A social media activist Ahmed Naseem commented on Dawn website said that "The all weather friends of Pakistan. The model Islamic countries that every Pakistani looks up to as". And this is how they view Pakistan.
Karim on Dawn Website suggested that this is a pretty serious matter.
“Pakistan cannot afford to offend Gulf countries but at the same time relations with Iran also very important. Hope Pakistan will seek Saudi help to cool down the temper.”
Ahmed condemned the remarks of UAE minister saying that how dare UAE to challenge Pakistan.
“We are a democracy not a monarch. We are Muslim and will not be mercenary for UAE or KSA. Look at the size of UAE compared to nuclear Pakistan.”

ZAHID, in his comments, said that all the development in UAE was at the cost of Karachi.
“Arabs are not our friends anyway. Pakistan should not make its decisions under fear. When Pakistan was in wars, where was the UAE and its support. The UAE was busy taking all the investment in the estate and spreading hardliner’s school of thought in Pakistan.

Ali, at Tribune Newspaper Website, said, “Thank God Pakistani Parliament has spoken the voice of Pakistani public. The UAE and gulf treat Pakistanis as third-class citizens and exploit the poor from the region and expect Pakistan to start another war that has nothing to do with Islam. Shame on UAE.”

Salman Hasan said that Why should Pakistan destroy its national interest for corrupt and ruthless regimes in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. You guys are no holy rulers that needs any support from the Islamic World. Now use your billions of dollar and find your own mercenary fighters. You and your rich Sheikhs should know that Pakistani blood is not for sale. We know how you treat Pakistanis in the Gulf estates. It’s time to let you know that Pakistan has changed and will not let you appease Israel against Iran.

A person quoting his name Pakistani said that Arabs are attacking Yemen not vice versa, so Pakistan is out of your aggression against an Arab country this time.
“You are talking about economic assistance, we haven’t struck deal with Iran about gas pipeline that could have earned Pakistan much more than your assistance and Shias that have been killed in Pakistan could have triggered deeper problems for you and your coalition in ICC but we forego all these things at the expense of our own country.
Now we are developing Gawadar port and after its announcement by previous governments you were responsible for unrest in Baluchistan we know well so shut up and don’t tell us what to do.

Usman Torontowalla said, “We the people of Pakistan support Islamic principles and the sanctity of the holy sites in the Hejaz. There is nothing Islamic about absolute monarchies that waste money on yachts, mansions, casinos, stables. Invest your God gifted money on education, research, science & technology, treat all Arab and non-Arab equally before the law, and institute Islamic principles of participate and inclusive decision making process surrounding government, than you would see Pakistani people supporting. On the other hand if you followed Islamic principles you would not face this mess.
Ali Ahmed blasted on the Arab minister’s remarks against Pakistan saying, “We the people of Pakistan support Islamic principles and the sanctity of the holy sites in the Hejaz.”

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