Allama Nasir Jafari: Muslims United Despite US-“Israeli” Schemes

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

nasir abbas jaffriAllama Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary General of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM- Council of Muslim Unity) assured that Muslims are united despite major US-"Israeli" attempts of sowing strife and discord among them. In an interview with al-ahed news, Sheikh Jafari underscored that Syria is in good shape and has already defeated the international campaign that aims at paralyzing Syria's support to the Resistance.

"> He noted that the Islamic Awakening movement is a beacon leading the way of Muslims and bringing them together in face of World imperialism. The US, "Israel", the West, and their Arab lackeys stand together and try to implement schemes to hammer the resistance, through provoking internal conflicts and distracting the people with their own issues, hence realizing their plot. But the Muslims have been aware of this, and the Resistance movements have only become stronger and more sophisticated at the time "Israel" slowly hides in its cocoon ane outside. The following is the interview: - Today, the Islamic world is on the boil on different levels, how do you evaluate the scene? The Islamic world in the meantime is going through some events that demonstrate instability, but beneath that scene is a greater reality. In fact, the Islamic world is moving towards total stability and independence. Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and after Imam Khomeini had defeated the US badly, resistance in face of world imperialism and hegemony sprung. During the past three decades, the imperialist US and the Zionist entity received major blows in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. Today, the Islamic Awakening movement is the biggest setback in face of the US and "Israel", and owing to this movement, it is soon that the entire world would become liberated from Western hegemony. - How do you evaluate the Bahrain revolution amid International and Arab silence? Well, there are many scenarios similar to that of Bahrain, where the international and Arab Worlds set a blind eye to the breach of law and human rights. As for Bahrain, the movement of the Bahraini people is legal and justified, the Bahrainis are peaceful protesters demanding their rights. There has been an Arab-Western coalition supporting the Bahraini regime in oppressing the Bahraini people. On the contrary to the situation in Bahrain, the International community stands in face of the Syrian government rather than support it. This stance comes in accordance with international interests and the benefits of the US-"Israeli" alliance as well. Qatar and Saudi Arabia particularly have been standing behind the violence taking place in Bahrain and Syria. The Peninsula shield forces breached international law and intervened in the affairs of another state, at the time Saudi-backed Bahraini regimes have also violated human rights in their vicious attitude towards the peaceful Bahrainis only to serve US imperialism. The imperialist Arab and Western states have supported the killing and torture of hundreds of Bahrainis, and have practiced injustice widely against the people. Not only that, but also the hegemonic powers in cooperation with the Bahraini regime have attempted to sow strife among Shiites and Sunnis, which is a weapon used by the West and their Arab supporters to get the Arab peoples busy and distract them from bigger schemes. We also see an attempt of sowing strife among Muslims in Saudi Arabia, where the Shiites have been a target to the government. In Saudi Arabia, protestors have been calling for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination, and that is why they have been subject to violence. Yet, these regimes should arrive to a political conclusion that the world has been awakened and are already in a state of expressing themselves and their rejection to subjugation. - What about the conspiracy taking place in Syria? Syria is a main pillar in the Resistance axis, in fact it stands at the forefront of the battle with imperialism and the Zionist entity. When the US and its allies saw their severe failure in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and the Occupied Palestine, it was to time to find a new battle ground on which they hope to win combat. The US and the West have provided weaponry, financial and technical aid to the terrorists in Syria, they have sent all types of artillery and arms, also aerial force to be used in the unjust battle against Syria. Moreover, the US has exploited Syria's neighboring country, Turkey, as a platform to surround Syria and launch attacks against it. The US and "Israel" only aim at defeating the Resistance axis in the region, but during the past 3 decades we have only scene the opposite. The Resistance movement defeated the US, "Israel", and their schemes many times and have weakened them. We have already began to see the fruits of the Resistance victories in the region. True it is that chaos spreads across Syria, but victory has already been made as the Syrian government prevented sectarian strife and stood steely in face of the imperialist conspiracy. - What is your analysis to the situation in Pakistan, to the ongoing attacks that have been targeting innocent Muslims of the Shiite sect? External forces have created problems in the name of ethnicity and nationalities in Pakistan. When the Imperialist powers failed in attaining their ulterior motives, they pushed this area to bloodshed and terrorism. In fact, it is true that Shiites are being massacred, but also some Sunnis and Christians who voice opposition to the Pakistani government and its policies suffer as well. Pakistan is full of US crimes. America's offense goes beyond silent complicity, as the Pakistani state has misused billions in US military aid and hardware to oppress the people of Pakistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism. We also should keep in mind that the Pakistanis oppose the US and its policies related to Pakistan and the world. More than 90% of the Pakistanis consider the US and "Israel" as enemies and that is the reason behind adopting strife as a tool to divide the Pakistanis and cause conflict in the country. Worth mentioning too is that the Pakistani people share tight relations with Iran, owing to the Islamic revolution and the leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and hence this adds up to the list of reasons why the US finds Pakistan a target. - According to statistics, US war-drones killed so-far more than 4650 civilians in Pakistan, what is your say on that? This drone campaign is complementary to the suicide-bombers financed and led by the US, whose aim is to sow discord among the Muslims. These campaigns contradict the International law, the Pakistani law, these also breach the Geneva convention. International human rights and rights organizations should stand in face of such US crimes and condemn the killing of innocent people, with the sole aim of weakening the Pakistanis and making them paralyzed. - Are you worried that a major sectarian strife might take place in the Muslim world? You see, there are a few reasons why I see that the Muslims despite all attempts will remain united and stand together, and that is majorly because of the Islamic revolution and awakening sweeping across the Muslim and Arab worlds. Also, the presence of Resistance in the region plays an important role in defeating division. This unity is a major knockback to the US and "Israel". The Muslims are aware to the scheme the imperialists have been trying to implement in the region. Yet, the US and "Israel" are increasing their efforts to bring discord among the peoples of the Muslim world and weaken them. The US has brought extremist "Takfiri" groups into the region labeling them as "Sunni", as tools to realize sectarian strife, but we assure that our Sunni brothers have nothing to do with these terrorist groups and thank God the Muslims are aware of this nasty plot. It is another political game the US and "Israel" try to play as they fear the Islamic flow worldwide and would want to put it off. - What are the implications of the Resistance victories in the region, especially the 2000 liberation of Lebanon, the 2006 Divine victory, and the victories in Gaza? These victories have political, geographical, and moral dimensions. The presence of Hizbullah in Lebanon in particular started and built the Resistance axis in the region, since Lebanon defeated the "Israeli" occupation in May 2000. The main motivation behind this success has been the school of Karbala and longing for martyrdom, also huge love to the Prophet Mohammad and his Household (peace be upon them). Also, the drive to a brave confrontation in face of the Zionist enemy, the love to the land and the people, defending dignity and the oppressed are reasons behind such determination to fight the enemy. Moreover, the presence of Major Islamic leaders, such as the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini, and the leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, also in Lebanon, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (SG of Hizbullah), Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, these revered personalities have major effect on the people and the Resistance movement. "Israel" has been besieging itself within concrete walls, it has created its own prison and has proved coward in all wars.

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