Netanyahu Admits Israeli Strike on Hezbollah Arms Transfer in Syria

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Published in Palestine
Thursday, 14 April 2016

Speaking from the occupied Golan Heights, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted that the Israeli regime has launched dozens of strikes in Syria to attack Hezbollah arms transfer.

“We act when we need to act, including here across the border, with dozens of strikes meant to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining game-changing weaponry,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying.

While Netanyahu did not specify the kind of strikes the Israelis have conducted in Syria, he acknowledge that Tel Aviv was acting on other fronts as well, “nearby and far away, but are doing it in an intelligent manner.”

Not only is this statement a declaration but it is also a confession that Hezbollah and its allies are well aware of. Countless are the times when the Israeli occupation forces or Israeli intelligence attempted to strike Hezbollah in its stronghold and even on a higher level break the axis of resistance that joins Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran.

Israeli assassination of Hezbollah leaders such as former military commanders Imad Moughniye and Hassan Lakkis are examples of how the Israeli Mossad operated against Hezbollah from afar.

Not far from where Netanyahu was speaking to Israeli troops, Israeli warplanes targeted six Hezbollah and one Iranian commander in Quneitera on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. The group which included Jihad Moughniye, son of Imad Moughniye, was

The war itself Syria is another case in point. The Israelis have long wanted Hezbollah destroyed but having lost two wars against them it became harder to accomplish that goal on Lebanon’s southern front. So, observers have concluded, that the war on Syria is no more than a bid to break the axis of resistance as Damascus represents a link between Hezbollah and Iran and a pathway for arms transfer. Therefore Tel Aviv, with the aid of some Arab states, have planted the seeds of terrorism in Syria to distract Hezbollah on the one hand and to attempt to weaken it on other. Now that they have confessed striking Hezbollah weapons transfer this claim has been further substantiated.

However, dubbing it intelligent may have been a blunder on the part of Netanyahu as Hezbollah has proven its resilience.

“If we are required to go into battle, and that is a possibility that lies ahead, which is why you are here, it is because we were unable to prevent the dangers to Israel through other means,” he said.

And by other means, Netanyahu most certainly alludes to Israeli involvement in the Syrian conflict.

“We are proud that, in the stormy and volatile Middle East, we were able to maintain relative calm and relative safety in Israel,” the premier said.

Yet this so-called calm is under constant threat. Tensions between Tel Aviv and Hezbollah have been mounting in recent months. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has threatened to hit Israeli chemical and nuclear sites in unprecedented escalatory remarks.

The Israeli regime for its part has frequently vowed to halt cargos of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah. Since the July 2006 war, which saw the Israeli military defeated, fears among Israeli leaders have been rising congruently with the advancement of Hezbollah’s capabilities.

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