Takfiri do not just condemn Shi’as, but also consider all Sunnis who do not agree with their ideology: Brazilian Sunni Scholar

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Shaykh Sadiq al-Uthmani, a Moroccan-Brazilian Sunni scholar and the director of Islamic Affairs in the Islamic Union of Brazil stated that the actions of Takfiri groups are in conflict with the interests of the Islamic world, saying: “Takfiris were invented to create new forms of sedition and to fragment the Islamic world. These groups planted the seeds of racism and tribalism in Islamic countries," reported Rasa.

The São Paulo-based scholar explained that the Western hands behind the scenes are responsible for the spread of the Takfiri phenomenon because they were created with the aim of strengthening imperialism and global Zionism, dividing and weakening Islamic countries to prevent the influence of Muslims in regional and international developments.

Shaykh al-Uthmani requested that Muslim scholars explain the authentic principles of Islam and stated that if Muslim scholars and leaders do not perform their duties to counter DAESH (ISIL), without doubt, they too will be held responsible for their crimes as well.

He added that Islamic institutions and seminaries can have a profound influence on countering the thought and beliefs of extremist ideologies.

The Moroccan-Brazilian scholar pointed out that groups such as DAESH and Boko Haram have not launched a true operation against the enemies of Islam. Takfiris set mosques on fire and assault Muslim and non-Muslim women and take no actions against Israel, which is the main enemy of Muslims.

Shaykh al-Uthman stated that the differences between Takfiri and Islamic principles are very obvious. He emphasize that a military campaign against Takfiri terrorists is necessary but not sufficient. Islamic countries need to build a special movement to fight an intellectual and cultural war against Takfirism. “It is not possible to fight a destructive and vicious ideology with weapons – We must fight an intellectual and cultural jihad to counter the Takfiri ideology,” he emphasized.

He also called for change in the education system in Muslim countries and greater media efforts to raise awareness among Muslims. Takfiris pose a serious threat to everyone. All religions, especially Sunnis and Shi’as, must unite and cooperate to prevent the spread of the Takfiri ideology and take serious steps to eradicate it.

He added that Takfiri groups do not just condemn Shi’as, but also consider all Sunnis who do not agree with their ideology as infidels. Takfiris have also insulted the character of Imam Ali, whom both Sunnis and Shi’as revere. He called Takfirism a continuation of the Kharijites of early Islamic history.

Shaykh al-Uthmani explained that moderate Muslims in Brazil have noticed that the previously high growth of Islam has decreased in Latin America since the Takfiri phenomenon began. Every year, thousands of people were becoming Muslim throughout the Western world, but since the recent growth of the Takfiri phenomenon, they have noticed this trend has decreased.

He concluded by stating that Islamic missionaries in Latin American countries have been placed in difficulty and the missionary work of Muslim scholars in Europe and America has been difficult because despite the amount of the truth and merits in Islam, people have witness great crimes done in the name of Islam.

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