When action against 10% seminaries involved in terrorism will be taken?

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Saturday, 03 January 2015

2015 began with the same question that the sunrise of 2014 brought for Pakistani security establishment: If any action against the 10 percent pro-takfiri Deobandi-Wahhabi seminaries will be taken for their involvement in ongoing terrorism across Pakistan from FATA to Karachi.

This question was floated in the form of demand by Shia scholar Allama Shabbir Hassan Meesami and Sunni scholars at Amir Liaquat’s Morning Show in Geo TV channel. They asked federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ai Khan, to take due action against those (Deobandi-Wahhabi) religious seminaries immediately who, according t interior minister himself, have been and are involved in terrorism in Pakistan.

Chaudhry Nisar himself tried to downplay the terrorist threat that Deobandi-Wahhabi takfiri seminaries pose to Pakistan saying that only 10% of them were involved in terrorist attacks. Allama Shabbir Meesami, a leader of Shia Ulema Council, has questioned why action was not taken against those 10% if we believe in the statement of federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar.

As a matter of fact, PMLN government of Pakistan’s interior minister tried to cover up the Saudi-funded CIA-trained terrorists by understating the involvement of takfiri clerics of Deobandi-Wahhabi seminaries. Intelligence and police investigators had named the Saudi-allied Deobandi seminaries of Pakistani capital city Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Garrison City of Pak Army’s GHQ, for sheltering terrorists and providing them logistic support for terrorist attacks.

But, surprisingly, they are free till now in January 2015 and they are invited by media people at talk shows and during news bulletins for their comments on terrorist attacks. Reports had it that fifth column within the security establishment have not abandoned their policy of patronizing the takfiris under the most-defeated and deleterious policy of “Strategic Depth” that made takfiris as strategic assets despite huge and colossal irreparable human and financial losses.

Pakistanis know that Asif Ali Zardari, now co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, was portrayed as Mr. 10% during first government of his wife Benazir Bhutto in 1988 that was dislodged before completion of 5 years Constitutional term. Then, Mr. Zardari had spent almost 11 years behind the bar, the only politician of Pakistan who experienced such a long-term jailing.

He lost his wife Benazir Bhutto and then accepted as President of Pakistan, due to “compensation” for that loss and Mr. 10% who was defamed as Mr. cent percent by the pro-takfiris, proved the electoral power of relatively 3 smaller provinces of Pakistan who voted him as President. His government tried to change the course of strategic mindset of powers that be. Then Chief of Army Staff introduced a new military doctrine under which violent extremism (the coded name for takfiri ideology or Talibanisation) was also declared an internal threat alongside India as an external threat.

Under that, Pakistan began improving the relations with Russia, the remnant of fallen Soviet Empire, against who, Pakistan introduced the ideology of strategic depth and remained a staunch ally of the U.S.-led West and Saudi-Zionist included alliance. Last year too witnessed high-level foreign visits between Russia and Pakistan. Now, it comes quite clear that U.S.-led West and their Saudi-Zionist included alliance is engaged in upgraded phase of covert actions on the issue of Ukraine, remnants of model military dictator General Zia u Haq, have intensified their negative , immoral and illegal efforts, to protect their strategic efforts, may be this time, they argue they need them, in occupied Kashmir.

Whatever their empty and hollow arguments, so-called strategic assets, had never been assets but they had been liabilities since the day one. Pakistan failed to win all wars in which these “assets” were frontline allies. Neither their unschooled illiterate Mulla Omar nor semi-illiterate other clerics could win any guerilla war on their own. They brought humiliating defeat even at Kargil for entire Pakistani nation. Architects of strategic policy should not waste time on oft-repeated anti-people, inhumane policy of strategic assets in which ferocious butchers of human flesh always made historic records, one after one. Nation knows they are not 10% now but nearly cent percent, but the question and demand has become an acid test of sincerity of behind-the-scene-real-rulers of Pakistan if 10 percent of the said Deobandi-takfiri seminaries and their clerics are crushed.

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