Why Saudi regime still appreciates Pakistan despite denial of help on Yemen?

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

By Eye Ali

Islamabad-based Pakistani journalist Ansar Abbasi reported in The News on Saturday that Saudi Kingdom has appreciated Pakistani regime’s gesture of offering all its resources to “defend the territorial integrity” of Saudi Arabia. It seems Pakistani regime forgot the fact that Saudis have invaded Yemen and began military aggression to destroy territorial integrity and unity of Muslim Arabs of Yemen at the behest of Israeli-allied U.S. administration.


A credible senior-level government source told said The News editor of investigative reporting here on Friday that the visit of the high-level official delegation that was to leave for Riyadh on Friday has been postponed following a call from the Saudi authorities. “We have been asked to wait for a few days,” the source said.

He added that Pakistan had been told that efforts were being made to tackle the conflict through the Arab League. “At a later stage, a special meeting of the OIC could also be convened,” the source said.

But, what is not being mentioned or being ignored advertently is the fact that pro-U.S. Saudi-led war coalition and their military strikes against Yemen lacks international legitimacy. Neither were they authorized by the United Nations nor by the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference). So, it was the continuation of Zionist Israeli agenda under Clean Break that was being implemented by the U.S. administration through its Arab-allies.

Hence, Ansar Abbasi’s report vindicated the position of those critics who disclosed that Pakistan had already dispatched help to Saudis. Al-Arabiya channel’s website also showed the war coalition map and that has name of Pakistan with naval and aerial support in the Decisive Storm Operation against Yemen’s peaceful civilians and their legitimate political spokesman Houhti Zaydi Muslims.

Saudi-allied ex-president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh was also a Zaydi Shia Muslim but due to his role as proxy or client of Saudis, Wahhabi takfiris and allied-Deobandis never churned out Shia-Sunni narrative. Now, the Israeli-allied Arabi monarchs want to play sectarian card against Zaydis of Yemen who are closer to Sunni Muslims as compared to Shia Twelver Islam of Iran and Lebanon or Alawis of Syria. Sectarian card is being used to advance U.S.-allied Israeli interests in the Arab-Muslim world to divert attention from real threat to Arabs-Muslims from fake state of Israel.

However, The News report had it that regarding Pakistan’s offer, the source said that the civilian and military leadership had agreed to offer Pakistan’s resources for the defence of the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. The source added that the decision and the Pakistani offer did not mean that Pakistani forces would join any Saudi offensive against Yemen.

The source said that this aspect was discussed in the Thursday’s high-level meeting and it was unanimously agreed that Pakistan would take every possible step to defend Saudi Arabia from any foreign aggression. However, it would not be possible for Pakistan to get into a conflict or become part of the ongoing military offensive against the Yemeni “rebels.”

The narrative about Yemeni legitimate political player Houthis depicting them as rebels or insurgents is another proof that Pakistani regime took side of Saudi war coalition. How a legitimate political player who remained part of Yemen’s politics, parliament, elections, national dialogue such as Houthi Movement (Ansarullah) can be identified as rebel or insurgent. They were fighting takfiri terrorists of al-Qaida and their affiliates and allies because neither U.S. and Saudis nor Yemen’s puppet interim government came forward to eliminate the takfiri militants altogether.

On the contrary, under Saudi-U.S. Zionist plot, al-Qaida and allies were sheltered in the areas under the influence of said nexus of puppet regime-Saudis-U.S.-Israelis.

The News quoted the source, who holds an important position in the government and was also part of the Thursday’s meeting hence his news should be an eye opener for all patriot Pakistanis.

That source said that Pakistan realises that getting into the Middle East conflict as a party would have serious implications not only for Islamabad but also for the whole Muslim Ummah.
The source too repeated the Zionist-Israeli-Saudi narrative that it was a proxy war between Iran and Saudis. No, facts tell vice versa. Source is right in saying that on one side Islamabad has the best of relations with Riyadh and, on the other side, the country shares borders with Tehran.

But, same fact should be applied to Saudi war coalition because Yemen shares borders with Saudis and Tehran doesn’t share borders with Yemen and Saudis. Applying Pakistani regime’s mindset, one would be fair in saying Islamabad’s best relations with Saudi regime as Pakistan is a proxy for Saudi interests? So, as a matter of fact, it is unilateral war imposed on Yemen by Pakistani regime’s best friend Saudis and it is not a conflict with Iran.

Factually speaking, Iran cannot reach Yemen by any route because Yemen is surrounded by Arab monarchies who are part of GCC and coalition partners in Saudi-led military aggression against Yemeni people. The GCC countries are allies of U.S. administration and Israeli president has made a live satellite video address to these countries security conference in Abu Dhabi in UAE whose fighter jets are part of anti-Yemen war coalition. That fact was disclosed by NY Times Zionist-Jewish Columnist Thomas Friedman in a column in 2013.

For new readers, his column with the headline: Let’s Make A Deal was published in New York Times New York edition on November 20, 2013, on page A31. He wrote: “I attended a Gulf security conference here in Abu Dhabi that included officials and experts from all over the Arab/Muslim world. In the opening session, Shimon Peres, Israel’s president, flanked by the white and blue Israeli flag, gave an address by satellite from his office in Jerusalem. Good for the United Arab Emirates, the conference sponsor, for making that happen. Seeing the Israeli president speak to an audience dotted with Arab headdresses reminded me of the Oslo days, when Israelis and Arabs held business conferences in Cairo and Amman.” Abu Dhabi Conference was held in September 2013 and they all were and are part of anti-Syria terrorists.

Now, Ansar Abbas should ask the source what he means by disclosing that the Pakistani delegation, which was to visit Saudi Arabia on Friday, was supposed to discuss the details of what the Saudis expected from Islamabad and what Pakistan could offer them.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had asked Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif and Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to go to Riyadh on Friday to ascertain the requirements of the brotherly country and make an assessment of the situation. The delegation was to also include senior members of Pakistan defence forces.

Emirates News Agency reported on March 23 that units of the Special Forces of the Pakistani Army arrived there on Saturday (March 21, 2015) at Taif Regional Airport to participate in joint exercises with a Saudi Royal Land Forces' duty contingent, in the fifth edition of the exercise, 'Samsam', which kicks off early next week in the King Salman Mountain Warfare Centre, north of Baha region.

“The Saudi Press Agency, SPA, said that participants from both sides have ended preparations for this exercise, whose training will include focus on war in hard mountainous terrain environments and in irregular operations. Saudi Royal Air Force, land forces aviation and units of the Border Patrol will participate in the exercise operations,” UAE News Agency reported.

So, there is no need to cover up the fact that Pakistan remains an integral part of the U.S.-Saudi alliance so far. Wahhabis-allied Deobandis perpetrated huge terrorist attacks in all over Pakistan but they were never eliminated altogether. Those bad Taliban Deobandis were wiped-off the scene and “good” remains good as long as they are not needed by the masters for fixed-matches to push Islamic Ummah and Arab world to civil war and intra-Muslims and intra-Arabs proxy wars for illegitimate Zionist Israel.

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