A New Low: UN Takes Saudi-Led Coalition Off List of Shame

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

The United Nations should hold its head in shame for bowing to pressure and happily taking Saudi Arabia and its partners in crime off its "list of shame" over the Yemen War.

Just a few days after blacklisting the Saudi-led military coalition for killing children in Yemen, the United Nations removed the group from its tally of armed states that violate children's rights during conflict. Needless to say, this will help raise the stakes for children in Yemen, where regime changers, murderers and destroyers have been empowered and emboldened by the international paralysis.

Many rights groups, including Amnesty International have been quick to blast the UN for "shamefully" caving to pressure to scrub the military coalition from the "list of shame" after an annual report found that the Saudi-led, US-backed group was responsible for 60 percent of child deaths and injuries in Yemen in 2015.

As maintained by Amnesty International's UN Office, "It is unprecedented for the UN to bow to pressure to alter its own published report on children in armed conflict. It is unconscionable that this pressure was brought to bear by one of the very states listed in the report."

The regimes which have been uninterruptedly bombing the poorest nation in the Middle East for more than a year now, even using internationally banned cluster bombs, include Saudi Arabia, the United States, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Now instead of forcing these regimes to end the dirty war, impose sanctions on those that don't, suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and form an international mechanism to investigate war crimes and complicity by those that still continue to flout International Law by arming the coalition, the UN has shamelessly done the worst possible thing ever: Looking the other way. Worse yet, playing dead!

Reflecting on this yet another collective failure, it is obvious that this was done under brazen pressure from the American-Saudi-Israeli lobby at the UN - the same culprits that are directly involved in the dirty war against Yemen in pursuit of regional hegemony and influence.

Under these circumstances, the future is bleak for the long-suffering people of Yemen. They no longer have any faith in the UN to save them from the horrors of the Saudi-led, US-backed aggression and blockade. They have no choice but to reduce themselves to unity in the quest for freedom and prosperity. They have seen the horrors and the international injustice, and they are the ones that should pick up arms and vow never again.

As is, the removal of the Saudi-led coalition from the "list of shame" is also a new low for the UN. It reflects its slow demise and the fact that the world body is unable to stand up for human rights and its own principles. By capitulating to the pressure from Riyadh, Tel Aviv, and Washington, it is obvious that the UN is fine with giving way to political manipulation, losing its credibility, and tainting its legacy on human rights and International Humanitarian Law.

What's more, with what it has just done, the talk of UN's irrelevance has once again mounted to a crescendo. Since the Iraq War, this is perhaps the second time that the UN has suffered the greatest collateral damage. According to numerous polls the world over, the image of the UN and the credibility of the UN is down in many countries, and with regard to Yemen it has taken a battering.

Down because the UN can no longer maintain its credibility and relevance. Down because the UN has fallen from grace, and has been written off by some during the Yemen War. The world body is unable to unanimously adopt a resolution which calls on the UN to establish a presence in Yemen, to act independently but also in coordination with the people of Yemen.

In any case, Yemen remains a heavy burden on the standing of the United Nations. The multilateral body must prove that there is no substitute for the unique legitimacy provided by the United Nations, demonstrate its understanding of the importance of collective action, and end its lack of achievement by offering legitimacy to the national resistance front facing foreign aggression in Yemen.

This way the UN can prove it is still truly relevant to the global geopolitics of the era and indeed essential to the future of the world.

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