To incompetent Pakistani judiciary: Your time is up.

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Monday, 06 August 2012

justiceThe incompetence and prejudice of the Pakistani judiciary when it comes to the killings of Shia in Pakistan is truly mind boggling. When writing on such a topic, one is almost overwhelmed by the sheer number of examples that illustrate this point and the difficulty in picking the most appropriate ones to present.

Before one embarks on such an exercise, it is important to point out that the Shia of Pakistan is not the only one who is suffering. This is crucial because people such as Malik Ishaq and Khadim Hussain Dhillon of Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangvi, now known as Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah, often present the Shia of Pakistan as Iranian agents who are unsympathetic to the oppression being wrought against their Sunni brethren. They then use this premise to imply that the Shia deserve no sympathy. The hidden but obvious message here is that the killings of Shia should continue.

This message is given to the hard core members of their extremist groups even as they go on various news channels and put on displays of condemning the very killings they are orchestrating, or at the very least condoning. In the case of Malik Ishaq, as we shall see later in this article, the killing extended beyond approval to actually shooting dead twelve innocent members of a family.

As the Secretary General of Majlis Whadat Muslimeen Nasir Abbas Jafri pointed out in his historic speech while addressing millions at the Quran o Sunnat Conference in Lahore this past July, the Shia not only condemn the killing of innocent Shia but also the killings or oppression of anyone. In fact, the MWM has publicly condemned the brutal arrest and torture by the American government of Dr. Afia Siddiqui. It is worth noting that the corrupt leaders such as Malik Ishaq who claim to represent Islam are actually aligned with Saudi Arabia which is nothing but a vassal state of the United States that even offered the Zionist entity its military bases for operations in the Middle East. The wine drinking and general debauchery of the so called kings of Saudi Arabia is well known.

But, getting back to our topic, none of the above should surprise us. A wolf is, after all a wolf. One mustn’t be surprised by the criminal actions of organizations under the leadership of people like Malik Ishaq. What is truly shocking is the complicity of the Pakistani judiciary, executive branch, army, in short the Pakistani government in the killing of the Shia of this great nation.

It is the personal case of Malik Ishaq that best illustrates the mind numbing lack of judicial integrity in Pakistan. He is the leader of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi or LeJ. He is known to have been involved in at least 70 murders, 43 of which were Shia targeted solely because of their creed. The first case example of judicial incompetence, prejudice and probable collusion with the government and Pakistani intelligence agencies was the killing of twelve members of a family in Multan in 1997.

The fact that a man who had been positively identified as the killer by survivors of the massacre is free to roam the country is bad enough. What makes this case worse is that he threatened with death witnesses against him in the presence of law enforcement officials and that up to eight witnesses were killed while he was in custody. Any self-respecting judiciary anywhere in the world would have made sure that a criminal who threatens witnesses openly and probably orchestrated killings while in custody never see the light of day.

However, not only was he released but in 2009, he was alleged to be involved in the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket players near Liberty Chowk in 2009. He was subsequently jailed and then released on bail in 2011after Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi of the Sipah Sahaba visited him in jail. Ludhianvi distributed money amongst jail staff according to informed sources. Yet, the judicial authorities took no notice of this open challenge to the notion of judicial integrity within Pakistan.

Now, let’s put the above in perspective. One is challenged to think of a nation with an honest judiciary that releases a man accused of attacking a foreign sports team on national soil. Why is he free to roam the country giving incendiary speeches?

Contrast this with the incarceration of two Shia youth, one aged 16 at the time who were sentenced to death sixteen years ago for the killing of one man: Maulvi Mukhtar Sial. Not only they were not granted bail and kept in jail for sixteen years, the Supreme Court rejected their appeal and upheld their death sentence in 2012. Liaquat Jafri and Ishaq Ashar Kazmi are one of the many victims of the sectarian prejudice that poisons the Pakistani judiciary.

Again, let’s tally: one man (Malik Ishaq) heads a terrorist organization, LeJ that has admitted killing people. He has openly threatened witnesses to the murders he committed for which he was never held accountable. He was arrested on suspicion of having attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team. Yet, he remains on “bail” and tours the country continuing to give speeches that push Pakistan deeper into a vortex of hatred, fanaticism and terrorism. Then, we have two Shia youth who were convicted under dubious circumstances for the murder of one man. Why was Malik Ishaq granted bail while they remain incarcerated?

There is no answer to the question above. The only answer is that the Pakistan judicial system is heavily skewed in favor of the very forces that are destroying Pakistan. This, of course, makes no sense. But a lot of other things don’t make sense either. Perhaps, one reason is that the likes of Ishaq and others have always held Pakistan hostage with threats of violence and intimidation.

The Shia of Pakistan have never resorted to such means. They have always been loyal sons and daughters of this great country. They have never attacked foreign teams on Pakistani soil, sullying the nation’s reputation. They have never attacked the Pakistan army. Instead, they have given thousands of martyrs in the defense of this nation. Some of the main architects and founders of Pakistan were Shia. For too long, then, the Pakistani judiciary and other government organizations have felt that they have carte blanche with the Shia of Pakistan. Since the martyrdom of Shaheed Arif Hussain Al Hussaini, the Shia of Pakistan has been at the receiving end of all sorts of terrorism and indignity.

Things, however, are changing. Under the brave leadership of the Secretary General of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen, the Shia of Pakistan are once again reasserting their rights in a lawful manner. The Pakistani judiciary and government have been put on notice. With several million people gathered in Karachi in March of 2012 and then several million once again in Lahore on July 1st, the Shia nation has a clear message: continue to trample on our rights at your own peril.

A striking example of how things have changed is the incident that occurred in Skardu a month ago. Upon hearing that Secretary General Nasir Abbas was heading to Skardu to protest the killing of Shia, the Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah issued an order for his arrest and banned Nasir Abbas from visiting the region. Not only did Nasir visit, tens of thousands converged in the streets in support and the CM was forced into a humiliating withdrawal: the order was rescinded.

The bottom line is that there are 50 million Shia in Pakistan. They are being galvanized and are coalescing under the leadership of MWM. They have a very clear message for Pakistan’s corrupt, incompetent and prejudiced judiciary: your time is up.

Written By J Abbas ( A freelance Writer and Analyst)

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