The Sufferings of Imam Ali after the Prophets demise: Martyrdom of Imam Ali

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Thursday, 09 August 2012

hazrat aliImam Ali looked at the face of the Jewish man and said:
“I talked about the fourteen instances, and now there remains just another event that will happen in near future”

When Imam Ali finished his words, all of his followers started to cry, and the Jewish man while he was crying said: hardly “please! Tell us about the last one!” and by the great sorrow that he felt in his heart, he wasn’t able to move in his place. The Lord of the believers touched his beard and said: “In the last event this beard will colored by my own blood…”
When the masses of people heard the Imam’s word, they started to moan and cry and their sorrowful voices spread in the mosque of Kufa.
And it was the turn of the Jewish man to do and complete his pledge and realize his wish for many years. Yes! After the Imam finished talking he went and kissed the holy hand of the Imam and accepted the Islam, he lived in Kufa until the day that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) killed by Ibne Moljam (God’s curse to him) in the year 40 after Hegria.
When the people arrested Ibne Moljam, they delivered him to Imam Hassan, imam Ali’s first born, and masses of people were around him , the Jewish man came to that place and while he was crying and though that It was the hardest day of his life, he said to Imam Hassan :
“ohh , son of Muhammad! Kill this man and I hope that God shall give him a terrible Punishment! Because in the holy books of Moses, I had read that the crime of this man is greater than the sin of the son of Adam (Cain) who had murdered his brother (Abel), and his sin is greater than the crime of Ad’s tribe that had killed the Camel of the Prophet Saleh.
So what a lucky good man, the Jewish, who lived with his good deeds, while there were some Muslims who were Muslim only by name…
But in their life, they lived and did like and infidel and in contrast with the Directions of God, the Prophet and his successor.
From the second answer of Imam Ali to the Jewish man who that called him ((my Jewish brother)), and in the Arabic text was written ((Akhal Yahud)) has three explanations
1- The word of the Jewish in this situation, maybe used as a tribe of Jewish or the Jewish nation. So the Arabic sentence Akhal yahud ((Jewish brother)) means a brother who comes from a Jewish tribe or the Jewish nation.
2- In a Hadith we read that a man from Basra had came to Imam Sajad (peace be upon him) and said: “why your progenitor had killed the Muslims?” the Imam started to cry and with his hand cleaned his face from his tears, and said: “ohh you, my basrian brother! I swear to God that Ali never killed a true Muslim or an innocent man! But he had fought with some people who had the name of Muslims only! But in their heart they were the enemies of God and the Muslims, and when they found people like themselves they were united against Muslims.
The true friends and followers of the race of Muhammad know that the people of Jamal, Sefeyn, and Nahravan were cursed by our Prophet. So shame on the man who lied about God and his Prophet!”
An old man from the corner stood up and said: “but your progenitor, Ali Ibne Abi Taleb had said about them: ((our brothers did tyranny to us)).
Imam Sajad said: “But didn’t you read this verse of Quran that God says: (we sent to the tribe of Ad their brother Hud), in this situation the tribe of Ad is like the brothers that Imam Ali had said. But we saw that our mighty God had helped Hud and his followers but had demolished the tribe of Ad with a massive wind.
So, it won’t be true to think that when Imam Ali had said (my Jewish brother) talked to him as his religious brother.
3-And the third point of view is more reliable than the two previous reasons ,it means that Imam Ali (peace be upon him ) had a knowledge and knew everything about the past , present and future of everyone , so he had knew very well that this Jewish man after the fourteen instances would accept the religion of Islam , so the interesting idea is that Imam Ali from the beginning till the end talked to him as his “religious brother” because from the beginning, Imam Ali knew that he will be accepted his religion.

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