Shia genocide makes Shia Islam a successful global movement

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

shia genocide1Shia genocide and mass migration under compulsion is not a new phenomenon. Since the early history of Islam, the true lovers and followers of the first infallible Imam Ali (AS) were called Shiites of Ali (AS). They wanted Imam Ali (AS) to lead Islamic Ummah after the sad demise of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last

apostle and Prophet of God Almighty.

The lovers and followers of Imam Ali (AS) experienced worst sorts of hardships due to their ideology. A vast majority of Muslims finally gathered around Imam Ali (AS), some 25 years after the sad demise of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). They implored him to become (caliph) ruler of Islamic government.

Umayyad governor of Damascus deviated from the true path of Islam and didn’t obey the Caliph of Islamic world. He sparked off more than 70 small and big wars between Muslims. Imam Ali (AS)-led government was martyred. The government of second infallible Imam Hassan (AS) was toppled by machinations. He had to agree to a deal to save Muslims from civil wars and persecution.

Umayyad Governor imposed himself as Governor and nominated his son Yazid, a wine drinker as his successor. Yazid ordered massacre of third infallible Imam Hussain (AS) and his lovers and followers. Imam Hussain (AS), his family members, friends and followers were martyred in Karbala, Iraq.

Since then, Shiites were persecuted across the Muslim world ruthlessly throughout the rule of Umayyad dynasty. With some pauses, their genocide continued throughout the Abbasid dynastic rule over the Muslim world.

The worst sort of persecution forced them to go underground and migrate to safer places. That way, they spread across the Muslim world. Since the occultation of 12th infallible Imam Mohammad Mahdi (AS), the centrality went to comprehensively qualified Islamic jurisprudent that became source of emulation to lead and run affairs of Shia Islam.

Shia jurisprudents made Najaf, Iraq their centre of religious activities. They launched first anti-imperialism movement in Iraq at the outset of 20th century. Then, Iran witnessed a constitutional democratic movement that gradually paved way for end to kingdom in Shia majority Iran. Shia Islamic movements played leading role in Iraq and Iran and Shia religious authority also played eminent role in Lebanon.

Due to their opposition to the injustices and resistance to foreign occupation and dominance, Shia Muslims became the target of leading global imperialistic powers such as the U.S. and U.K. Their support to the oppressed Palestinians brought them against the Zionism that has controlled the leading global powers mainly U.S. Successful Shia Islamic revolution in Iran evoked a strong reaction from the opponents and the regimes of the U.S. and the U.K. formalized proxy war against Shiites across the Muslim world.

Saddam of Iraq, who had earlier been a part of anti-Shia operation, invaded Iran on the instigation of the U.S. and U.K. The Arab kings/monarchs fully backed Saddam. Grand Ayatollah Syed Baqar al Sadr and his sister Syeda Amna Bint ul Huda were mercilessly martyred. Millions of Shia Muslims were martyred in Iraq.

In Iran, anti-Shia Munafiqeen-e-Khalq became the puppets of enemies of Shia Islam. They also martyred many eminent Shia figures. To punish the leadership of Shia Islam for their constructive and human-loving Islamic Revolution of Iran and resistance to illegitimate occupation of imperialists and Zionists, a unilateral war on Shia Muslims was imposed.

The U.K. renewed their centuries-old alliance with takfiri Salafi-Wahhabis and the U.S. replaced the U.K. as sole superpower of the temporal world. After Shia genocide by targeted attacks with lethal weapons, they invented suicide-bombers who massacred Shia Muslims across Pakistan. Then, they launched operation in Iraq. Suicide bombers also attacked Iranian Shia Muslims.

Anti-Shia attacks were intensified. Iranian pilgrims were brutally massacred while they were chanting slogans against the U.S. imperialism and Israeli Zionist during Haj rituals in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Shiites in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, and in all the monarchies and sheikhdoms in Muslim Middle East, were suppressed. Bahrain, where Shia Muslims form single largest majority were denied their inalienable rights and foreigners were called in and given employment under a plot to convert Shiites into minority.

Thousands of Shia Muslims including their national level leader Allama Arif Hussaini were assassinated in Pakistan. Al-Qaeda and other takfiri groups in Arab world, Taliban in Afghanistan, their allies in Pakistan such as Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were created for genocide of Shia Muslims in particular.

Despite their genocide in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and elsewhere, Shia Muslims didn’t retreat nor did they bow to the enemies. Instead, martyrdoms in genocide has emboldened them and strengthened and accentuated their position across the world. They unified them in all over the world. For the first time in the history, rallies and demonstrations were staged in the U.S., and Europe.

After establishment of a democracy in Iraq, Shia Muslims emerged as tolerant of minorities in first Arab Shia majority country where a Shia Prime Minister leads the government. Their success in Iran and Iraq further aggrandized their prestige.

Shia Muslims of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen in particular launched a democratic struggle for legitimate rights, reforms and representative government. Shia Muslims of Pakistan an epoch-making protest that hastened dismissal of an irresponsible for chief minister who was known for ludicrous remarks. Pakistani Shiites contested elections and for the first time in the history, a Shia under Shia political identity was elected Member of Provincial Assembly.

These are some examples of successful Shia Islamic movements. Due to peaceful nature of Shia Islamic movements, takfiri nasbi Wahhabi ideologues have been disappointed and they opted for genocide of Shia Muslims. But, martyrdoms and persecution of Shiites and denial of inalienable rights to them under non-Shia regimes have vindicated their ideology of justice, freedom, moderation and rationality.

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