Indian analyst: Claim of use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces a big lie

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Monday, 02 September 2013

indian anlistAn Indian strategist believes that the West’s claim of the use of the chemical weapons by the Syrian forces is nothing but a big lie.

editor of the online military-diplomatic magazine “Purple Beret”, Atul Bhardwaj said: “For how long

will the Israeli-American lies continue to maim people? They lied to occupy Iraq. They broadcast half-truths to invade Afghanistan. We are, now, witness to their cunning and conspiracy in creating the so-called colored revolutions.”

Exposing the joint conspiracy of the Western countries to invade Syria, he said: ˈSomewhere, the world needs to tell the people that all the Western broadcast on Chemical attacks by Syrian government is another American ploy to indulge in greater acts of barbarism and crimes against humanity. In case of Syria, they have become more brazen.ˈ

ˈThey have been openly arming the rebels, creating terrorists in Syria. And now even before anything could be proved about the Chemical attacks in Damascus, The US and Britain have already passed a verdict against the Syrian army,ˈ he added.

Calling for a worldwide protest against the proposed military action of the US and its allies on Syria, the seasoned analyst of the international affairs said: ˈThe world should unite and come out on streets against the proposed carpet bombing of the hapless Syrians.ˈ

ˈThey have committed innumerable crimes against humanity. The Western World is a pioneer in developing and designing almost all the dangerous and lethal weapons that the world is familiar with. They also hold the dubious distinction of testing these weapons on human beings of all hues,” Atul said.

Elaborating the criminal acts of the Western countries all over the world, he said: “They did it is Japan in 1945. They encouraged Iraq to use Chemical weapons against Iran in 1983. They have used all dirty tricks to promote their ugly empire. It is now incumbent on the people of the transatlantic world to halt their regimes from once again being barbaric by attacking Syria. If this time the people fails to prevent a war one would not hesitate to say that the Western democracy is nothing but fake.ˈ

ˈThanks to internet, the memories of Iraq war are still fresh in our mind. We know the real American objectives in using black propaganda. They want a ruse to sell war. The plan is to suppress all the resistances before attacking Iran. The world should stand up to deny this luxury of other mass killing just to please the Anglo-American billionaires,” he added.

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