Turkish Protesters vow Shia Will Never Let Hazrat Zainab (AS) to be Captured Once More by Yazid’s Descendents in Syria

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

yazidThousands of Shias gathered in Halkali Square and said no to the great Middle East Project which has turned the Islamic world into a bloodbath and they demanded peace and unity and resistance. 
The slogans of “Peace and Unity” were chanted in response to the Zionist and Imperialist plans to attack Syria,

which have occupied the world's media these days.

On Saturday September 7, thousands of Shias gathered in Halkali Square and chanted slogans against the USA and Israel saying that they will not be a puppet for their plays. The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin said that in the case Imperialists attack our region he will take part in the resistance front and he mentioned: “Shia will never let Lady Zainab to be captured once more by the Yazid’s descendents. If it is needed I will go and defend her myself. Until I am alive I will never let Zainab to be captured once more.

Along with the leader of Turkish Shias, the Head of world Shia scholars Association, Sheikh Hassan Karabulut, the Head of CAFERIDER, Sinan Kilic, the Head of the Alevi house of worship, Gazi Arslan and many other Shia Scholars and civilians took part in the gathering.

“Death to the US, death to Israel” “Turkey, Don’t forget that Syria is your brother” “We will not be soldiers for the US” “Shia and Sunni are brothers, Wahhabis are treacherous” “We don't want fighters following NATO” were some of the slogans that people chanted and after that Kasim Alcan.


“Dear Members of the Press

We are addressing our noble nation, citizens and the free people of the world through your press.

The United States has brought nothing to the countries that have been attacked nothing but the blood, tear, fight, misery and slavery. Aren't there blood, tear, misery and fight in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan?

The US is the partner of Israel which has occupied the land of Palestine and Masjid Al Aqsa which was Muslims' first qibla, has committed genocide and many other crimes? Isn't it right?

The United States had supported the rabbles at the time when we the Turks were having military action in Cyprus.

The United States is responsible for the massacre that has been happening for the Turks and for the plundering of their properties since the occupation of Iraq.

Didn't the US bother those noble Turks who were protecting the Turks in the West Iraq?

The United States supported the government of Armenia which committed a massacre in Karabaq, Azerbaijan and then didn’t pay attention to the borders of Turkey and occupied a part of our land and became a partner of the crimes they did, isn't it right?

The United States wants to turn the region and also the paradise like Turkey to a bloodbath and also wants to divide the countries by its Great Middle East Project.

The US is the supporter of all the dictators in the America, Africa and the Middle East, isn't it?

The US is responsible for the bloodshed which has taken place in the last century all over the world, isn’t it?

The US is the supporter and creator of the right-left, Alavi-Sunni, Kurd-Turk and military civilian struggles, isn't it?

The Britain is the main organizer of the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. Isn’t it? The British are planning religious disorders in the Islamic work for a long time, isn’t it? The British created Takfiri Salafi Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia to ruin the unity of Islam which was symbolized by the Ottoman Empire at that time and since then there has been trouble in the world of Islam. Isn't it?

The takfiri Salafi Wahhabis have destroyed all the Islamic sites including Ottoman historical places. They destroyed the Prophet's house of revelation and constructed W.C instead. They destroyed the tombs of all the martyrs of Islam including Hamza. They even ruined the tombs of Lady Fatima Zahra, Imam Hassan and others. M. Kemal Ataturk stopped them from destroying the shrine of Prophet Muhammad. They ruined the tomb of Jaffar Tayyar some months ago. They desecrated the tomb of Hujr Ibn Addi and took out the body. They are beheading not only the adults but even the kids.

They are like animals and they eat human flesh. They killed the Sunni Scholar, Ramazan al Buti, the son of mufti Badreddin Hassun and the ex-president of Afghanistan, Borhaneddin Rabbani just because they were supporters of peace solutions. They commit crimes and rape those Sunnis who don’t think like them.

Every single day they bomb mosques, shrines, schools, hospitals and everywhere and we are confronting cruel people who shed the blood of children, women, young and old counting their own actions as jihad. Is there any conscience person who can say these are lies?

The United States and the United Kingdom want to undermine Syria by these criminals' hands to ensure the security of Israel and to bring down the resistance front against Israel. Is it a lie?

Now this is the main question:

1. What will be the benefit of the Turkish government and the Turkish nation from Syria being ruined?
2. Have the Turkish government and nation lost its nobility to a degree that follows the bloodshed and tear in its neighboring country?

3. Does anyone has the right to cause the people of the Turkey to feel ashamed of being a part of those who desecrate the graves, eat human flesh, rape and serve the Imperialist's plans?

4. If the Syrian army is not affected by the air strikes, who has got the authority to make this noble nation a partner in creating a tragedy which will happen there?

5. Who has got the permission or the order to cause this nation to serve the Israeli plans in order for Israel to be the only ruler of this region? Yes. This nation is standing against these plans because it knows the final goal of these attacks is our own country. We believe that we will ruin Imperialist's plan by our national and Islamic unity.

6. The Republic of Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran should get together and work hand in hand as it is said in the Holy Quran in Hojorat Surah, 9th verse and they should find a peaceful solution for Bahrain and Syria and they must stop the bloodshed and tear.

We hope peace, an honorable and secure life for our country, region and our world.

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