Iran will attack the US Navy and its military bases if it is threatened: Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi

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Published in Iran
Saturday, 09 May 2015

Speaking to a large crowd of worshippers attending Qom’s weekly congregational Friday prayers, Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi referred to the recent words of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, where he criticized the unreasonable attitude of the American authorities during the negotiations with the P5+1 group of countries over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

“The Iranian nation is standing firm under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei and the recent behaviour of the United States has shown that some simple-minded people who consider the United States as their ‘Ka’bah’ are wrong,” he explained.

He said: "Now that the "criminal" US accepts these negotiations, it is because they urgently need these negotiations to succeed for their own benefit."

Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi explained that due to their arrogant behaviour, the Americans will never be soft on Iran and Islam, and added that an example of the US’ Islamophobic stance is their open support of the House of Saud’s crimes against the innocent people of Yemen.

His Eminence stressed that the US is acting unreasonably with Iran, as are negotiating with Iran while keeping “all options on the table” regarding possible US-led military action against Iran.

He stressed that American must realize that the Iranian nation will defend their country against all military threats – including keeping all their options on the table in dealing with the US if they choose the military option against the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Iran will attack the US Navy and its military bases if it is threatened,” he warned.

Earlier on April 14, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved a bill giving Congress authority to reject a final nuclear agreement with Iran. The US senate is now planning a debate on authorizing Congress to review a possible accord with Tehran.

US President Barack Obama accepted to sign the new bill after some changes were made.

According to the legislation, President Obama should submit the final nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers for congressional review and he would not be allowed to lift sanctions levied by Congress against Iran during the review period.

Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi added that the Iranian negotiating team, backed by the noble people of Iran, will continue to respect all red lines in the negotiations but warned that Iran’s negotiating team will not succumb to threats of force or humiliation.

'False Islam'

Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi pointed out that Islam’s enemies do not want to see Islam grow or develop and use all the tools at their disposal to fight Islam – including propagating blasphemy and hypocrisy through deception. “This is called ‘false’ Islam. Throughout Islamic history, these false Muslims have attacked true Islam many times,” he added

His Eminence stated that the proliferation and the spread of false forms of Islam is the desire of the enemies and oppressors. The spread of false Islam is no threat to the arrogant powers themselves so they welcome the spread of false Islam.

He further said that there are now more than a billion Muslims around the world and the enemy has succeeded in forming a policy to divide fifty Islamic countries. By dividing Iraq, Syria and Yemen, they want that number to rise to seventy countries.

Hujjat al-Islam Sa’idi said the enemy seeks to promote and spread Takfirism, ISIL, liberal Islam, and monarchic Islam and would like these forms of Islam to reign over all Islamic countries. “The only person to upset the dreams of the devils and their manoeuvres in our era was the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini,” he explained.

He added that Imam Khomeini taught Muslims lessons in dignity and honour. The Zionist regime used force to rule over and oppress Muslims for many years but Imam Khomeini came and taught Muslims about true Islam until they were able to stand up for their rights. “For this reason, the people of the Gaza Strip were able to defeat Israel despite the fact that the Zionists were armed to the teeth,” he added.

The trustee of the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatimah al-Ma’sumah said that today, true Islam cannot only stand against the infidels and polytheists but it can also pull the veils off the faces of the hypocritical and false-Islamic governments. “The Saudi’s panic-stricken attack on Yemen shows the defeat of the dirty policies of those who espouse false Islam,” he stated.

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