Yazidi girl gives account of sex slavery by ISIL

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Published in Iraq
Monday, 22 December 2014

An Izadi girl has given a blow-by-blow account of the way the ISIL Takfiri group enslaved and abused thousands of women in the Iraqi town of Sinjar.

“They were local Sunni” militants, “some of whom we recognized,” the 19-year-old Izadi girl, who introduced herself as Girl B, told The Times, recalling a day in early August when the Takfiri militants captured Sinjar.

The militants reportedly killed hundreds of residents, kidnapped and enslaved hundreds of Izadi women and girls, and forced tens of thousands to seek refuge on Mount Sinjar.

Girl B, along with her younger sisters, was among the captured and enslaved people.

“A local mechanic was among them. The Sunni men in our area became Daesh as soon as they got a smell of them approaching. No one even had to ask them to join,” Girl B added.

The Yazidi girl noted that the Takfiri militants took hundreds of Yazidi captives to a building in Sinjar and separated them there.

“The Daesh took our names and ages and noted everything down,” said Girl B, adding, “Then they began dividing us: the men to one side, woman and children to another. Then they selected the young women, both married and unmarried. They told me and my two younger sisters to join that last group. We didn’t know what was happening, but our mother realised, and she began screaming.”

“My mother started screaming and begging for mercy as the Daesh [IS] fighters told my sister and me to join the group of younger women specially selected,” the 19-year-old Izadi girl said, further noting, “But they tore us from her grasp.”

The slaves were then taken to dozens of lorries, pick-ups and dumper trucks in order to be transferred to Mosul where they were sold to the Takfiri group’s senior officials, the girl said.

“I saw other women in the building being dragged out to waiting lorries by their hair,” Girl B said, pointing, “It was organized, and they took us away like cattle.”

In Mosul the slaves were taken to the city’s “Galaxy Hall”, holding centre belonging to the Takfiri group, the Izadi girl said, adding that the enslaved Yazidi women were further subcategorized there and were moved to new centers.

The girl said that the slaves were selected by ISIL commanders the same way as “sheep” and were taken to the house of a prominent ISIL sheikh in the town of Baaj.

“There, the commanders of the Daesh came to look at us again,” Girl B said, explaining, “We were lined up while they came to inspect and buy us. I could see the dinars change hands.”

The girl said her buyer was “Abu Ghuffram”, an ISIS (ISIL) commander in his forties. The girl further noted that Ghuffram was a local Sunni and was reputed for criminal acts before the crisis begins in the area.

The girl along with two other slaves were taken to Ghuffram’s house in the village of Rambussi where they had to serve the ISIL commander and two of his captains.

“Sometimes he would call me by name and talk reasonably,” said Girl B, adding, “At other times the men would insult our Yazidi faith and curse us. If Abu Ghuffram was angry he would strike or kick me. Once he put his hands around my throat and tried to choke me.”

It was also discovered by Izadi health workers that the three girls had been raped numerous times by the three ISIL militants.

Girl B and the two other girls escaped captivity one night in late November, managed to reach the slopes of the Sinjar Mountains, where they met with Izadi fighters and were taken to Dohuk in Iraq’s Kurdistan region by helicopter.

According to Izadi activists, 3,500 women and children are missing as captives and sex slaves. They also say that 2,000 Izadi men are also missing, many of whom feared to have been executed.

“We have raped and pregnant cases; children who have escaped without parents; parents without children. We have cases of women who have been raped by just one Daesh fighter, and cases of women who have been multiply raped and sold several times among ISIS (ISIL) fighters. We have found women sold for dollars 25, for dollars 100, for dollars 1,000. We have it all,” Khider Domle, a Yazidi activist helping escapees in Dohuk said.

On Saturday, Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters distributed aid on Mount Sinjar after breaking the ISIL terror group’s months-long siege on the area in northwestern Iraq.

The ISIL terrorists control some parts of Syria and Iraq.

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