Shias are well on the way in Egypt: Shia leader

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Monday, 19 May 2014

ejypt shia-leaderTaher Al Hashemi is one of the prominent Shia leaders in Egypt and what follows here is the exclusive interview of Adyan News with him.

Q: How do you appraise the situation of Shias in Egypt?

A: Shias enjoy a special status in Egypt. Most of them are well-educated but few of them work in the governmental offices. Their occupations are mostly business and farming. Given that their social status is much better than other stratums of the society. The Shia resident area is held as one of the best locations in Egypt and fortunately Shias are well on the way in this country.

The relation between the ousted regime of Egypt and Shias filled with tension with the regime trying to eschew them from political, economic and other activities.

Collaboration of Hosni Mubarak and Wahabis in cracking down Shias blocked them in moving forward and gaining inroads in various areas of culture and religion but in the here and now the situation and milieu has been changed. Shias, presently, can do various activities albeit they are not that much free in the country.

Q: What is the impetus of Egypt rising in political and social status of Shias?

A: Egypt’s rising against the ousted government definitely stamped on the Shias lives. On account of that they are now counted as a part of Egypt who partook in this rising. As I mentioned before Shias were mired in a stuff of nightmare and setbacks. They have been passive but now they have formed a political party titled “Al Tahrir party” in Egypt parliament which tackles to the security problems of Shias in Egypt.

Q: What Scientific and social measures forwarded for introducing the school of Ahlalbayt in Egypt?

A: The Shia school has pervaded much of Egypt and Shias by building mosques, religious halls and even seminaries could show their good wills to public.

Recently a group of Shia youths who studied in Al-Azhar opened a dialogue and sat at talks with a Sunni group and in the long run the group converted to the school of Shia. And the issue won the ground in Egypt.

Egyptian Shias are blessed with one-of-a-kind talent and by tapping into their least facilities, they could hack many Salafi groups in virtual world which the event was welcomed by many people.

Q: What is incumbent upon Shia seminaries in the international realm?

A: Regarding the vast anti-Shia propeganda, we demand Qom and Najaf seminaries to at least strengthen their ties with us. None of the Islamic jurisprudents has an office in Egypt. And in case of having a question, our youth do not know where to get their answers.
Shia people are each other brothers and I demand them to give a special attention to this setback.

Q: How do you appraise the role of Shia in the issue of Bahrain and Syria?

A: Shia people in Bahrain are our brothers and it is incumbent upon us not to fall silence in the Bahrain continued crisis. Shia people a while ago staged and held a demonstration in Cairo, urging the Arab Union to take a resolute stance in this regard.

Regarding the issue of Syria I can say, for certain, Shia people are against the unremitting problems in Syria and level criticism at any interference from foreign countries. We hope that the standing setback in Syria will be solved as soon as possible.

Q: What is the present need of Shias in Egypt?

A: At this time, the urgent need is introducing the school of Ahlal Bayt to Shias. Religious seminaries in Egypt should keep shouldering in this area. The population of Shia is more than one million in Egypt and this a significant number; Given that, Saudi Arabia and Qatar invest many dollars annually to purge the root of Shia in the society.

Q: How do you see the role of Vahhabis in Shia society of Egypt?

A: Salafis are seriously fighting with us and we could unmask their willful aims and tension by relying on God and AhlalBayt, hoping the take of Vahhabis will be purged in the long run.

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