Javed Chaudhry spreading sectarianism after Ahmed Qureshi

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Javed Chaudhry spreading sectarianism after Ahmed Qureshi

Shiite News: After Ahmed Qureshi, another anchor person of Express News has come forward to spread sectarianism in the country. Javed Chaudhry wrote in his article “Conflicts between Iran and Saudi Arabia are 1300 years old and the history of these conflicts goes back to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s demise and war of Qadsia. Saudi Arabia is not only Pakistan’s ally but has also supported Pakistan in every problematic time by providing economic aid to the country and asylum to our leaders. Pakistan military was also a reason of Pak-Saudi relations. Saudi Arabia has thought that it could call Pakistan’s military for help whenever it needs and several such examples can be found in history as well. But due to this type of cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Iran is angry with us. It considers Pakistan as a soldier of Saudi Arabia and this misunderstanding caused Iran to go towards India and India is Pakistan’s enemy. India is following the policy of ‘Neighbor’s neighbor is friend’ hence, it started investing billions in Iran and Afghanistan in order to encircle Pakistan from western borders. India has been increasing its investment and on the other hand, Pakistan’s underdevelopment is also a reality. Enmity with India is the biggest reason behind our underdevelopment, we bear more losses due to India-Pak conflicts and have been left alone in the world”.

Jave Chaudhry might not be in his senses while writing the article because Saudi Arabia was established by Saud family in 1922 and he has linked the conflicts of a country established in 20th century with a war that took place in 14th century. Javed Chaudhry’s article is based on racial biases in which he tried to incite conflicts between Arabs and Non-Arabs and Shia-Sunni both at the same time.

If the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is 1400 years old then why Saudi Arabia had no issues with Shah of Iran, prior to the Islamic revolution ? Why a country that was Saudi Arabia’s friend became an enemy after the Islamic revolution? The reason is that after Islamic revolution, Saudi Arabia also felt threatened that it might lose its monarchy as well and that was the reason that Saudi Kings gave it a sectarian color and thus, tried to stop the revolution’s effects to the rest of the world.

In the same article, Javed Chaudhry also tried to prove that the recent wave of awakening in Shia states is a tool of Islam’s enemies i.e. the US and Israel and wrote “since Gulf is readily dividing in Shia and Sunni states, Islam’s enemies have been establishing a new Shia belt from Iran to Syria that will be comprised of Shia areas of Iran, Iraq and Syria. Arabs especially Saudi Arabia, have entered into a new phase of diplomacy in order to counter this threat and is coming up with a new alliance”.

The reality, on the other hand, is totally different. The US and Israel have close relations with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. Turkey is increasing diplomatic relations with Israel, Egypt is going to send a diplomatic mission to Israel, next week and Saudi Arabia has given Hajj’s security to Israeli company.

On the other hand, Shia party Hezbollah is fighting against Israel, Shia Iran is the biggest opponent of Israel, Shia Muslims celebrate Al-Quds day, every year, against Israel’s occupation of Palestine and after all this Shias are enemies of Islam? It seems that Javed Chaudhry has lost his mind due to the smell of Riyals.

These are only excerpts from his article but the whole article is conflicting and can be debated. Javed Chaudhry’s article is also against PEMRA’s notice that was recently sent to Express News. The article is based on racial biases which is a violation of PEMRA’s notice.

On the other hand, pro-Saudi groups have started negative propaganda against Iran and Shia Muslims on the basis of this article.

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  • Raza
    Comment Link posted by Raza
    Wednesday, 13 January 2016 03:11

    I think Ahmed Has given very wise advice to All Shia Muslims

  • Ahmad
    Comment Link posted by Ahmad
    Tuesday, 12 January 2016 16:47

    I think Shias need to understand this that Saudis/Wahabies can never ever be the friends of Shias. These Wahabies want to kill all Shias. It doesn't matter young, old, rich, poor they want to kill all Shias. Hostility with Shias is in their blood.

    Saudi Arab and Iran were friends because then both were in America's camp.

    Why Shias need to fight with US, Israel or anyone else (unless feel threat). Now Hizbullah got their territory back so why to fight with Israel.
    US, Israel etc may be your friends but Wahabies/Saudies can never ever. Don't be a baby Saudi Arab born in 1922 but Salafies/Khawarij/Wahabies are there atleast since Hazrat Ali time and always involve in killing of Shias.

    Ask Iran no need to be the champion of Palestine cause. Make friends to everyone. These Arabs will be your friends if u make good terms with US and west. Make yourself strong.

    Shia needs a real leader not the ones who don't want to retire even at the age of 70+.

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